What is Respona?

What is the platform, what are its features, and how can I use it?

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Hi there, we’re glad you found us! Respona is an all-in-one link building and PR platform that turns manual outreach into a simple four-step process to automate the mundane tasks and help you focus more on personalization

Respona can be used for blogger outreach, content promotion, digital PR, podcast outreach, affiliate outreach, and other outreach that can build brand relationships

Here is a quick look into the other 80% of Respona:

  • Using Respona’s content search engine, you will access various types of opportunities in real time. No databases here :) Blogs, news articles, podcasts, and more are just a few keyword searches away.

  • The 400M+ Contact Automation finds publicly available contact information for prospects you want to build relationships with.

  • Coming soon: A collaborative inbox helps you and your team track contacts through every step of the process. From initial outreach to a secured press mention, keep tabs on everything.

  • User insights will tell you how well your campaigns are performing and what links you’ve earned.

  • HARO is catered to your goals in the Press Inquiries tab.

Respona can easily replace multiple subscriptions you might have as a professional brand builder. Streamline your entire outreach strategy with the combination of content discovery, contact finding, email automation, and reporting. Feel free to say "hello" by requesting a demo.

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