To connect your email via IMAP and SMTP address for sending, head over to the Account menu and follow these simple steps.

  1. Select “All email accounts” on the left bar.

  2. Click the “Add Email” button in the top right corner of your screen.

  3. Select the “Other Providers” option from the email provider list.

    You will then be prompted to select Discover Configuration or Manual Configuration.

    With discover configuration, you just have to find your provider on the list and we will give you the SMTP and IMAP ports.

    Once you have the SMTP and IMAP ports, you will need to set up the new email.

  4. Fill in the required fields:

    1. Sending email

    2. Sender full name

    3. SMTP/IMAP username

    4. SMTP/IMAP passwords

    5. SMTP/IMAP server address

    6. SMTP/IMAP ports

  5. Click “Connect Email” in the bottom right corner of your screen.

If you are having trouble connecting your email via SMTP/IMAP please reach out to us on Intercom or through [email protected]

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