Before going all-in with email outreach campaigns, it is very important to “warm up” your email address first. If you don’t go through this process, it is quite likely that a lot of your emails will actually end up in the spam folder rather than your recipients’ inboxes.

Warming up is quite simple: on the first week of outreach, you limit the number of maximum emails sent out per day to a very low digit. For example, 10 or 15. With each passing week, you can increase the number of daily emails by 5 or 10 until you reach the desired quantity.

Here’s how to change your daily email limit: How do I increase my daily email limit?

To avoid spam filters, make sure that you’re writing emails with the help of our email analyzer in the Create a Sequence step

With cold outreach, you should also avoid attachments and excessive use of imagery, as they tend to tick spam filters off very easily.

Make sure to change the structure of your email from time to time - if you keep using one template over and over again, eventually you will see a drop in engagement rates.

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