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How can I prevent my messages from bouncing?
How can I prevent my messages from bouncing?

Here we’ll take a look at some of the ways to prevent bounces from happening.

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A “bounce” happens when an email is not delivered for some reason: it could be because the recipient’s address does not exist, is full, or you don’t have permission to email them.

You can’t prevent 100% of bounces from happening, as most of the time, you have no control over whether someone’s inbox is full or their server settings don’t allow your email to come through.

But, you can eliminate 99% of bounces from happening using these two simple tricks

Only use verified prospect addresses

One of the most important things that influence your deliverability rate is the email address of your prospects.

You should always use 100% verified addresses, as it eliminates the probability of a bounce in 99% of cases.

The green circle next to an email address means that it’s verified and being used.

Turn off catch-all emails

When setting up the contact automation, you are presented with an additional option to assign catch-all emails if no valid email address has been found for a person.

A catch-all email is basically a likely combination of a person’s possible email address that is not completely verified. We recommend turning that option off for improved deliverability.

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