Journalist Outreach

Earning press mentions and story features by pitching journalists with newsworthy content.

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Journalist outreach can be done for a variety of reasons:

  • Press release distribution

  • Public relations

  • Establishing a contact in the media

  • Getting press coverage

Getting yourself featured on press outlets is one of the best ways to brand yourself and grow your company's influence.

One great way to spark up a collaboration with a journalist is to pinpoint a typo in their article. No professional wants these, so they’re very likely to at least notice your email.

Respona’s search engine makes finding relevant press outlets and journalists very simple.


  1. Select “News” from the menu on the left side of the search bar.

  2. Enter a keyword that’s relevant to your business.

  3. If you think a resource is relevant for you, tick the box to the left of its title.

  4. Keep selecting opportunities until you’ve got enough for your campaign.

You can also use Respona’s keyword search automation to speed up the process:

respona bing news search

You can access it by going to Step 1 - Find Content and clicking on “Automation setup” in the top right corner:

respona keyword search automation

1. Select a search source.

2. Enter your search query.

3. Set advanced settings:

  • How many results to analyze (Google provides us with the top 100 results);

  • The location of your search;

  • Language;

  • Safety filters.

4. Click “Continue”.

setting additional seo filters

5. You will be taken to the metrics screen. Here, you can set additional filters such as:

  • Domain Rating (available even if you don’t have an Ahrefs connected);

  • Website traffic;

  • Traffic value;

  • Organic keywords;

  • Referring domains;

  • Backlinks;

To use these filters (besides DR), you will need to connect your Ahrefs account to Respona.

6. Click “Run automation”.

running the automation

7. Once the automation is finished, the results will be automatically added to your campaign.

No credits will be charged for using the keyword search automation.



Subject: New [guide, tool…] - want to take a look?

Hey {first_name},

I was reading your article on {website_name} regarding [topic].

I liked how you said that {Something from the article}.

This is why we’ve [developed an online tool, created an extensive guide…]

Would you like to take a look?

Let me know and we can provide you with any information you might need.




Subject: New outreach tool for SEO - want to take a look?

Hey John,

I was reading your article on Content Marketing Institute regarding link building.

I liked how you said that link building is hard.

It’s true that building links on your own can become quite tedious.

This is why we’ve developed an online tool that helps automate a huge chunk of the process and allows link builders to achieve much more, in a much shorter time.

Would you like to take a look?

Let me know and we can provide you with any information you might need.


Vlad Orlov

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