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How to use Relationships
How to use Relationships
An complete overview on how to use the Relationships tab
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The relationships tab is going to be your in-house database of all the contacts that you have found using Respona and also anyone that has been imported with predetermined contact information.

Contact Information

The first thing you see in the Relationships tab is the spreadsheet of contacts in your database. The basic data that is included in the spreadsheet includes:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Organization

  • Website

  • Domain rating

  • Job position title

  • Relationship status

  • Tags

  • Notes

If you want to edit any of the information for the contacts, click on the three dots on the right side of the screen in the same row as the contact you want to adjust. Select “Edit” from the selection menu and change the details you want to.

editing contact information

In order to manually add a contact to your Relationships tab, click the purple contact button in the top right hand corner. You will then have the ability to fill in information for that specific contact. The first name, last name, and email fields are all required to successfully add a manual contact.

adding contacts

adding persons

Managing Contact Lists

The Relationships tab is also where you can export your list of contacts. Simply select the contacts you want to export by clicking the check boxes next to the left of their name. Then to export, click “Export” in the top right corner. Once you’ve selected the type of emails you want to export, click “Export” once more in the bottom right corner.

exporting contacts

exporting contacts 2

In addition to exporting contacts, you have the ability to filter the people in your relationships tab based on rules associated with name, email, and job title.

To add filters, click “Filters” in the top right corner. Create the rule you want contacts to follow based on the options. You can create multiple rules at a time to find specific targets.

adding filters

You can also take a more manual approach to searching. By using the search bar in the top right corner, you can find specific contacts if you know the name of the contact you are looking for.

searching people

Data Organization

There are two types of data that you can organize within the Relationships tab. On the left hand side of your screen, you can create folders for both organizations and contacts within your database.

people and organization tabs

In order to move contacts or organizations into the specific folders, you will need to select the desired contacts by clicking the check boxes to the left of their names. Then click on the “More actions” button in the top right corner. Click “Add to folder” and select the desired folder from the dropdown list.

With the “More actions” button, you also have the ability to add bulk tags to contacts or add them to existing campaigns.

contact more actions

When you have a list of contacts or organizations selected, next to the “More actions” button you will find the red “remove” button. Use this button to delete contacts or organizations from your database.

removing contacts

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