The Insights tab is where you will be able to track the progress of your campaigns and the members of your team.

On the surface, you will notice that the insights tab just provides three simple metrics:

  • Delivery rate: the percentage of sent emails that were successfully delivered

  • Open rate: the percentage of delivered emails that were opened

  • Reply rate: the percentage of opened emails that were replied to

Although the default insights will be for the lifetime of campaigns across all owners, you can add filters and date ranges to pull insights from.

To select a certain range from which you would like to see the insights, click the calendar drop down in the top right corner. You can select one of the preset ranges or create a custom range using the calendar widget.


You can create filters based on campaign owners or specific campaigns.

By clicking the “Filters” icon in the top right corner, the team tab will allow you to see the specific results for members of your workspace.

The Campaigns tab allows you to select one or more campaigns to see the metrics for. You can date ranges for both the team member and campaign filters.

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