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How to use Insights
How to use Insights

A complete overview on how to use the Insights Tab

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The Insights tab is where you will be able to track the progress of your campaigns and the members of your team.

It has three tabs - campaign reports, leaderboards, and email health.

In the campaign reports tab, you'll find statistics such as:

  • Sent, delivered, opened, replied, bounced, and unsubscribed emails;

  • Best time to email by open, replies, and sent items;

  • Engagement reports for websites and individual contacts.

You can also filter insights by date range, workspace, campaign, user, or mailbox by clicking on the "Filters" button in the top right.

In the Leaderboards tab, you can review your individual team members' performance.

In the Email Health tab, you can review the digital well-being of your sender emails based on your DKIM records, presence on common blacklists, and Spam Assassin score.

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