The Inbox tab is where you will be able to handle all replies for messages associated with the sending email(s) you have connected to Respona.

There are four mailboxes within the Inbox tab:

  • Inbox: messages that are in the inbox of your connected sending email(s) which require attention and responses

  • Sent: messages sent from the sending email(s) that you have connected

  • Outbox: messages scheduled to be sent from your Respona campaigns

  • Bounced: messages sent from your Respona campaigns that have bounced

If you wish to view emails/replies that are associated only with Respona campaigns, click the filters tab at the top of the page.

Turn on the option “Only show Respona campaign emails” and click the “Search” button so that only campaign related emails are shown.

Handling Communication

If you have multiple sending emails connected to Respona, the Inbox tab will combine the inboxes for all those emails.

If you want to focus on a specific inbox, you can select the desired inbox in the top left corner using the dropdown. Note that you can have multiple inboxes selected at one time.

To reply to or forward messages, simply select the message you want to manage from the list of inbox messages on the left hand side. You will then have a complete view of the thread on the right side of your screen. You can choose to reply to or forward the message from here.

In addition to managing conversations, you can create profiles for new contacts that start the outreach with you first. If the Create Contact is not already open, you can pop it open using the blue tab on the right edge of your screen.

Confirm their first name, last name, and email before clicking “Save” in the bottom right corner. This contact will then be saved in the Relationships tab for future use.

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