How to use Press Inquiries

A complete overview on how to use the Press Inquiries tab.

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The Press Inquiries tab is where you’ll be able to manage the current collection of journalist inquiries.

Press Inquiries are a great way for you, as the source, to earn free backlinks, get some brand awareness, and build topical authority within a specific niche by simply sharing your experience as written content.

Creating Filters

The point of the Press Inquiries tab is to centralize the process of pitching to relevant journalists by filtering out the junk that doesn't apply to your niche.

To create a new filter, click the plus icon in the top left corner.

creating press inquiries filters

You will have to give the filter a name, select the pitching email, and select the email you want notifications to go to when there are new opportunities that match your keywords. You also have the option to select a DR range for publications you want to pitch.

setting up the filter 1

Next you will set up the keywords that are relevant to your niche/enter the keywords and topics you want to track in the search bar.

One thing to note is that, even though there might not be any previews for a certain keyword you should still include it in your filter. A journalist may be writing about that topic in the future, so you’ll be notified if there are any additional opportunity matches.

setting up the filter 2

The final step to create your filter is to add your bio information. Journalists love to credit contributors for their content, so they will often add for certain information pertaining to your profile.

Usually you need to add this information manually at the end of the pitch, but the filter will automatically add the information to the end of every pitch you send. At least your full name, job title, company name, and company website are required to complete the filter.

choosing a filter

Click “create” in the bottom right corner to finish creating the filter.

Pitching Opportunities

To actually pitch to journalists and see more details about their prompts, click into your filter on the left side bar.

pitching opportunities 1

You will then have a list of all the opportunities that match the keywords you set up for tracking in the filter. Click on the opportunity you want to learn more about to see the query prompt and the requirements set by the journalist.

choosing a pitch

From this screen, you will be able to see some of the metrics of the publishing site at the top of the screen.

pitch details

On the right side of your screen, you have the ability to create a pitch that will be sent directly to the journalist. Simply write a pitch that meets the requirements of the journalist and send the pitch on its way using the send button at the bottom of the email editor.

filling out the pitch

If you are chosen to be featured in an article, the journalist will reach out to you with a notification. No need to follow up with the journalist as this is a single pitch strategy.

You can track previously pitched opportunities by clicking the “Pitched” button in the bottom left corner.

pitched opportunities tab
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