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How do I connect my SEMRush account to Respona?
How do I connect my SEMRush account to Respona?

In this article, we will be looking at how you can connect your SEMRush account with Respona and use it for the backlink search automation.

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Respona is now integrated with SEMRush, one of the biggest SEO auditing/backlink monitoring tools out there.

You may also get slightly different results, as by default, Respona pulls these results from Ahrefs.

Note: even free SEMRush users can connect their account to Respona, however, their number of daily searches will be significantly lower than that of Pro users.

Free accounts can have up to 10 searches per day, while Pro users - up to 3000.

  1. Get your SEMRush API key from Profile > API.

  2. In Respona, navigate to Account > Integrations.

  3. Click on SEMRush.

respona semrush integration

4. Approve the connection.

approving semrush integration

To use your SEMRush account:

  1. Create a campaign.

  2. In Step 1 - Find Content, click over to Automation Setup.

  3. Select Backlink Search.

using semrush backlink search

4. Paste the URL (or URLs) of the page/website you want to pull backlinks from into the search bar.

5. Enable or disable any additional settings (desired anchor text, how many results to return per URL, as well as safety settings).

backlink search advanced settings

6. Click Continue.

7. Set any additional relevant SEO filters and click Run Automation.

setting advanced seo filters

8. Once the automation is done, results will automatically be added to your campaign. You can expand and inspect them by going back to Manual Setup.

reviewing search automation results

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