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How to get your product mentioned as one of your competitors' alternatives.

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The goal of the product alternatives strategy is to get mentioned on blog posts listing alternatives to your competitors’ offerings.

As an example, to get exposure for Respona, we will be reaching out to sites that have listed alternatives for another product in our industry, Ahrefs.

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  1. Select the "Product Alternatives" campaign template.

2. In the first two fields enter the name of your product or company, as well as the URL of your website.

3. Do the same but for your competitor in the next two fields.

3. In the fifth field, mention some general keywords that best describe your competitor’s products/services.

4. Next, describe what sets your product apart from the competition in 1-2 sentences, and why they should mention you alongside them.

5. In the final field, describe what incentives can you offer in return for referencing your product.

6. Click “Use this template”.

7. Review your email sequence and tailor it to your needs.

8. Сlick "Next Step" and review the automation.

9. Click "Continue" and set additional SEO filters if needed.

10. Click "Continue" again and run a simultaneous contact search to save time.

11. Run the automation. As results are found, they will start appearing on the screen.



Subject: [Competitor name] alternatives

Hi {first_name},

It seems like you missed [Company name] in your list on [Competitor name] alternatives :(

[Unique aspects of your company]


How does that sound?



Subject: Ahrefs alternatives

Hi John,

It seems like you missed Respona in your list of Ahrefs alternatives :(

Contrary to Ahrefs, Respona automates the entire partner recruitment process in minutes (it’s the highest-rated outreach tool on G2).

We’ll be offering a free trial of Respona, an invitation to join our affiliate network, and, of course providing all of the assets needed to update the article.

How does that sound?


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