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Respona’s Referral Program
Respona’s Referral Program

Learn how our referral program works, how to share your referral code, and how to get bonus credits.

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As a Respona user, you can earn 5000 bonus credits for each referral who signs up for Respona and becomes a paying customer.

A 30-day cookie is placed on your referral's browser when you share your referral link. This means that even if your referral leaves the page and comes back in the future, we'll still track the referral to you.

Once your referral signs up and becomes a paying customer, we'll credit your account with 5000 bonus credits. These credits never expire and will remain in your account as a backup. If you ever run out of monthly plan credits, these bonus credits will be used to cover any additional usage.

To share your referral link, you can add it to your email campaigns by selecting "Include referral link to earn free credits" from the "Create a sequence" tab.

You can track all referrals from the "Earn credits" tab of the Account menu.

In addition to the 5000 bonus credits for each paying customer referral, we're also offering an extra 5k credits for users who leave a review of Respona on G2, or Capterra.

To claim your review credits, send us a screenshot of your review via support chat.

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