Why do I get import errors?

In this article we’ll take a look at some common reasons why you could be getting errors while importing contacts into Respona.

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There are two main reasons why you errors occur while importing opportunities:

  • Opportunities were automatically removed by safety options.

  • .CSV file fields have not been properly assigned to the corresponding Respona fields.

Safety Options

There are three safety options that you can choose while importing opportunities. Any opportunities that trigger these options will show up as errors.

  • Automatically remove rows that have been contacted in the past X days

  • Automatically remove rows that are in another active campaign

  • Automatically remove duplicate opportunities

Make sure to exclude any domains that might trigger these safety options from your prospect list, and you should not get any import errors.

Note: You can adjust the safety features by clicking the "Import Settings" dropdown under the file upload button.

Incorrect Field Assignment

If the information in a .CSV field does not match the Respona field that you assigned it to, it will show up as an error.

For example, if you assign a field that has your prospects’ names to “URL” Respona field, it will not import and display errors instead.

To avoid these errors, I would recommend following a very simple sheet preparation first:

  1. Create an Excel file first.

  2. Name the columns the same as the Respona fields they are intended for.

  3. Add names in the “name” column, URLs in the “URL” column, etc.

  4. Save your Excel file as a .CSV

If you follow this process, you should be able to avoid most import errors.

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