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How do I set up contact automation?
How do I set up contact automation?
In this article, we’ll take a look at how to set up the contact finder automation in Respona.
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Respona’s built in email address finder is very simple to use. All you need to do is select a few straightforward options in Step 3 - Confirm Contact.

Here are the main three:

  • Find the writer of the article only if they work for the company, otherwise, find X Person(s) at the company. This option is more useful for link building.

  • Ignore the writer, and instead find X Person(s) at the company. This option is better for marketing and sales-related emails.

  • Only find the writer of the article, and ignore other employees at the company. This option is better for journalist/media outreach.

Select the option that works best for your type of campaign.

If you’re looking for specific employees (for example, marketing managers), type in their position in the Position field and their level of seniority in the Seniority field. If you only need these specific people, turn on the Required toggle.

There are also some advanced settings you can use.

  • Assign a catch-all email if no valid email address is found for the person.

  • Assign a company generic email if no person with your defined criteria is found.

The first two options enable Respona to assign generic addresses (like [email protected]), if no valid address was found for your prospects, and catch-all emails, which are still individuals’ emails that are not fully verified.

Once you have selected all of the necessary options for you, hit Find Contacts and wait until it’s done. You can safely exit Respona and do something else in the meantime: it’s all done in the cloud.

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