Much like the keyword search automation, we developed the podcast search automation in order to automate the process of finding podcast opportunities with our search engine.

Like the other search automation, you can access it at Step 1 - Find Content by clicking to “Automation setup” in the top right corner, and then “Podacst search”.

choosing the podcast search automation

Note: The information about podcasts is provided to us by Listen Notes.

Here are the steps for using the automation:

choosing podcasts search source

1. Select the search source: podcasts or episodes.

2. Enter your keyword(s).

3. Set advanced settings:

  • How many search results to analyze;

  • Search location and language;

  • Safety filters.

4. Click “Continue”.

5. You will be taken to the metrics screen. Depending on whether you chose to look for podcasts or episodes, you will get access to different filters.

Podcast filters:

setting additional listen notes filters
  • Total episodes;

  • Date of last episode;

  • Sort by relevance/date;

  • Listen score.

Episodes filters:

episodes filters
  • Episode duration;

  • When was the episode published;

  • Sort by relevance/date;

  • Listen score.

6. Once the desired filters are set, hit “Run automation”.

Once the automation is finished, its results will be added to your campaign.

It will also assign contact information for each podcast, so you won't need to run a separate contact search at step 3.

automation results

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