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How to use Campaigns
How to use Campaigns

This is an overview on how to use the campaign dashboard.

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The campaigns dashboard is going to be the central hub for creating, managing, and organizing all of your campaigns.

Campaign Creation

If you are just entering Respona for the first time, you can start a new campaign by clicking the “Start New Campaign” in the middle of your screen.

Otherwise, to create additional campaigns, the “Start New Campaign” button can be found in the top right corner.

Here, you can either select a campaign template that fits your needs or start an advanced campaign.

To create your campaign, simply choose a template that fits your needs and fill out the required fields. If you create an advanced template, you'll be brought straight into the campaign editor.

Campaign Progress

There are four statuses a campaigns can have:

  • Draft

  • Launched campaigns

  • Paused campaigns

  • Completed campaigns (no longer running)

In addition to the campaign status, you can see the amount of opportunities within the campaign (both launched and unlaunched). The amount of sent emails can also be found to the right of the opportunities column.

On the right side of the campaign dashboard, you will be able to see the lifetime open rate and reply rate for the campaigns. Finally, you can see the owner of the campaign. If you want to change the owner, simply click the owner’s profile image and select the new owner form the “Choose new owner” drop down.

Campaign Organization

When it comes to campaign organization, Respona keeps it simple. In the top bar, you can create folders to move campaigns to. You can also see the campaigns for certain owners within the workspace.

To find campaigns that have been deleted previously, you can click the “Removed” button on the far right end of the folder bar and you will see all the campaigns that have been deleted. You can restore them by clicking the three dots on the right side of any deleted campaign.

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