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A complete overview on how to run contact searches during Step 2: Opportunities

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During the second step of the campaign creation process, you have the option to run a simultaneous contact search to save time.

There are two ways to find contact information inside of Respona; through the automation setup and the manual setup.

We recommend using the automation first and using the manual setup in order to fill in any gaps or unassigned contacts.

Automations Setup

Once you enter your search queries and use additional SEO filters, you have the choice to find contact info at the same time.

First, select your opportunity type:

  • Blog

  • News

  • Homepage

  • Podcast

    Next, set the number of contacts to assign to each opportunity. We recommend setting 2-3 to maximize your chances of success.

    Next, type the job titles and seniority levels of your ideal prospects in the respective fields.

Enabling the "required" toggle will ignore all other employees at the company. We recommend keeping it off as it can drastically reduce the contact search success rate.

We also recommend keeping the "catch-all" domains toggle off, and enabling generic emails as needed to reduce bounce rates, and increase success rates.

Once you click "Run automation", opportunities will be added to your campaign as they are found.

Manual Search

To use manual contact searches, simply click on a found opportunity in Step 2 - opportunities.

Here, you can search for contacts using two types of email finders or add contacts manually.

While searching by domain, you can find all the people who are associated with a specific website.

Alternatively, you can search by name if you're looking for a specific person's email.

You are also able to run manual email searches and verifications in the Toolbox tab:

Note: Bulk searches are only available as part of the campaign flow.

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