The third step of the campaign creation process is setting up contact automations to find verified emails for your opportunities.

There are two ways to find contact information inside of Respona; through the automation setup and the manual setup.

We recommend using the automation first and using the manual setup in order to fill in any gaps or unassigned contacts.

Automations Setup

You will have the option to select the data provider you want to use for finding contact information. The default is Respona, but you can connect to other sources such as Hunter,, and Rocketreach.

Once you’ve selected your data provider, you’ll need to select the automation that is associated with your campaign strategy.

Here is a run down of what each automation is meant for:

  • Automation 1: Finds the writer of the article only if they work for the company, otherwise, find 1 Person(s) at the company

This automation is for mainly link building, content promotion, and reaching out about specific blog posts. The reason we choose this automation is because guest-writers or authors that don't work for the site won’t be able to make changes to the content.

We want to reach out only to those that have the editing access to collaborate through content and add links. As a backup if the the author isn’t the right contact, Respona will look for additional employees that match your search criteria in the “Position” and “Seniority” fields.

  • Automation 2: Ignores the writer, and instead find 1 Person(s) at the company

This automation is mainly for affiliate outreach and partnerships. If you’re not focused on a specific piece of content and are more focused about reaching out to a specific site, this is the selection you want to make.

Respona will do a domain level search for people that match your search criteria in the “Position” and “Seniority” fields.

  • Automation 3: Only finds the writer of the article, and ignore other employees at the company

This automation is mainly for PR, journalist outreach, blogger outreach, and affiliate outreach. Respona will not assign anyone other than the author that is scraped from the page.

Once you have selected the automation meant for your goals, you can assign backup emails in the advanced settings.

Catch-all emails are potential email addresses for people that are not completely verified. They have about a 50% success rate and are not recommended for users that want to maintain the highest possible delivery rate.

Company generic emails are assigned when there is no publicly available contact information for specific people at a website. We recommend keeping this option on for link building because some of the sites that you are reaching out to might be small. This means that the site may not be big enough to have a content manager or specific person that meets your search criteria.

Once the automation is setup, click “Find contacts” in the bottom right corner.

Allow the automation to run to completion. This may take some time so you can switch on the “Email me when the automation is complete” option and exit the campaign until the automation is done running.

Click “View Results” on the right side to see the list of contacts that have been assigned to the opportunities in your campaign.

You will be taken to the manual setup where you can see the contacts that have been assigned to your opportunities by clicking the opportunities in the bar at the top of your screen.

Manual Setup

In the manual setup, you have the ability to search for contacts using three types of email finders.

Through the domain level search, you can find all the people that might have contact information with a specific website.

Select the opportunity you want to find contact information for and click the search button on the right side of your screen.

This search will bring anyone that works at that website for which our data sources may have contact information for. There may be some irrelevant contacts like software developers or other job positions.

You can insert relevant job position titles like marketing, content, or SEO into the secondary bar to get a more targeted list of potential contacts.

Once you see a person you want to get contact information for, click on the “Get email” button to gain access to any publicly available contact information for that person.

If any contact information is found, select the email you want to use and click “Assign” to assign that person to the specific opportunity. This will use up 5 credits if any contact information is found for that person.

Another way to find contact information manually is by using the name search. Select the “Name” option on the right hand side.

This search is similar to how Hunter works. Fill in the full name and domain of the person you want to find. Then click the search button on the right hand side.

Click “Get email” when the contact appears and Respona will try different variations of the contact’s email address to try and bring a verified result. You can then assign the contact same as the domain search.

The final manual search is the LinkedIn search. By copy and pasting someone’s Linkedin URL into the search bar, Respona’s data sources will pull an email address associated with that user.

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