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How to Personalize Pitches
How to Personalize Pitches

A complete overview of Step 3: Review & Launch

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The last step of the campaign creation process is to personalize and launch your list of opportunities for outreach.


This is the final step before you launch your campaign. Here, you can see the preview of all the messages with all the variables filled in. To click through the messages for personalization, use the menu on the left.

You can make changes to each message and create personalizations for specific opportunities as you see fit.

Launching your Campaign

Once you’re ready to launch your campaign, click the “Verify and Launch” button in the top right corner.

Respona will give you the option to put your campaign through some last-minute safety checks to make sure you are not sending any unpersonalized messages, or trying to contact some recent opportunities - or those that are currently in your Unsubscribed list.

You have the option to turn off or bypass these safety checks if you wish. Although it is not recommended that you do this.

Click on “Verify opportunities'' and Respona will run the safety checks you allow. If any of your opportunities do not pass the required checks, they will be flagged.

You can still launch any verified opportunities by clicking the “Launch verified opportunities” button.

Any leftover opportunities will need to be adjusted to meet the requirements of the safety checks. You can reverify the opportunities and launch them once they are fixed, or disable safety checks to launch unverified opportunities.

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