The campaign analytics view is only available when a campaign has been launched. You can access the analytics for a specific campaign by clicking on the name of your campaign from within the campaign dashboard.

Tracking Contacts

When clicking open the campaign analytics view, you are first greeted by the People tab.

Within this tab, you can see all the contacts that have been launched as a part of the campaign. You will have access to their names, email addresses, and relationship statuses.

To the right of the current status of each contact, you can find indicators to show which recipients have opened and replied to the messages associated with the campaign.

Finally, the last three columns of the People tab will indicate which step of the sequence that recipient is on, when they were last contacted, and the date of when the next follow up will get sent out if they are still eligible to receive the next step of your sequence.

From the People tab, you can also export the contacts for each specific campaign. Simply click Export in the top right hand corner and identify which type of emails you would like to export.

You will then confirm the download of the selected contacts from that campaign.

Sequence Management

In the Sequence tab, you will be able to review the template used in the most recent launch of the campaign.

You can make changes to the template from here. But the changes will only be applied to opportunities/contacts added to future launches of the campaign.

In order to add new opportunities/contacts to an existing campaign, click the Add Opportunities button in the top right hand corner.

This will take you back through the entire campaign creation process to add more opportunities.

Campaign Insights and Settings

Each campaign is fitted with Insights specific to that campaign. This will show you the overall performance of the campaign based on a time period of your choosing since the campaign has been launched.

If you want to change any of the settings for future launches of the campaign, click the Settings tab on the left side of your screen.

From here, you can change the following settings:

  • Campaign name

  • Sender email

  • Campaign schedule

  • Auto cc/bcc details

  • Sending strategy + delay between contacts

Note: similar to changes in the sequence, any changes made will only affect future launches of the campaign.

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