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What Are Respona’s Safety Features?
What Are Respona’s Safety Features?
In this article, we’ll explain Respona’s safety features and how exactly they work.
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Respona offers a number of safety features at different stages of your campaign creation to ensure no duplicate opportunities are being contacted.

Let’s take a look at all of them.

Step 1 Safety Filters

In Step 1 - Find Contacts, you have three options: to find opportunities manually, choose one of the three automation modes (keyword, backlink, podcast), or upload your own .CSV file.

You can find the safety filters for each automation in the “Advanced Settings” drop-down.

step 1 safety features

As you can see, there are three safety filters:

  • Only one URL per domain

  • Ignore domains already contacted within X days

  • Ignore domains in the Unsubscribed list

The first option let’s Respona pull only one URL per domain per query (you can run multiple queries at the same time with each automation mode).

The second option allows you to skip domains that you have contacted with Respona within the specified time period (100 days by default).

The third one is pretty self-explanatory - if you have any domains in your Unsubscribe list, the tool will ignore them.

You can unsubscribe individual emails and whole domains by going to Account > Unsubscribed.

The .CSV import option has separate safety features.

csv import safety features
  • Automatically remove rows that have been contacted in the past 30 days

  • Automatically remove rows that are in another active campaign

Both of them apply to unique rows - or exact URLs within your .CSV, not entire domains.

Step 4 Safety Features

Before launching your campaign, Respona does three pre-launch checks.

They are accessible by clicking on the “Verify & Launch” button.

pre-launch safety features
  • Contacted in the past X days - same as during step 2, but applies to individual contacts rather than URLs or domains

  • Includes empty variables - a safety net in case some variables like @first_name failed to populate

  • Includes placeholder brackets - [placeholder brackets] are used to mark areas that require manual personalization and acts as a double-check to make sure you didn’t forget to personalize any pitches.

If an opportunity fails one of these checks, it will not be launched.

You may also choose to disable all of these safety options by simply unchecking the boxes next to them.

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